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A cup or glass of tea from herbs grown in our very own garden is a wonderful thing.  When the harvest is abundant, here is how to preserve the fresh flavor for the cooler winter months!
A cute fairy garden in your space is all the gardening rage! Here is how it works! Go for creative and have fun.

10 Steps to 
The Best Outdoor Space

Warm temperatures, blue skies, and sunny days are drawing you outside. And if you're planning to do any of your eating, entertaining, or lounging out there, then it's time to think about how that space looks and feels. Not a lot of space? No big deal. From balconies, yards and terraces to patios and porches, these easy decorating ideas can help you have a slice of heaven in your outdoor space. 

Take a peek... 

 1. Purpose 
 Why are you looking at your outside space and how will you use it? After thinking on this idea for a bit, we can say that we are looking for a space to relax or recharge, pause or party, recharge or reflect. Personally, I want all these things in my outdoor space. How about you?

 2. Size 
How much space do you have to devote to your slice of heaven? From a balcony to an estate, use whatever space you have to create a quiet spot. The view is important, even if it’s a highway or high rise, it can be beautiful… a reflection of who you are and what you like. My space is a backyard with a patio and a fence. And yet, we have chosen to decorate it in a less formal, comfortable way.

 3. Style 
 Speaking of less formal (my choice)…what is yours? Do you like formal or informal? Do you have children who will share the space? Do you entertain? If so, what is the max size of your group? Seating is a question. In my space, there is a table and chairs with benches strategically placed for whatever the need might be. From folks, to feet to plants…the benches are just right for our space.

 4. Color 
 Hmmm…color. Now, this is a big dilemma. I like color but it all has to be matchy-matchy. Some folks like neutrals, some tropical colors, some like dark colors, some bright. Some folks are like me and things have to match. Others put many colors and patterns together and make it work. Whatever your color choices may be…be comfortable with it. If your furniture is a neutral color, your accessories can be frequently changed to match your moods and purposes.

 5. Cozy and Comfortable
 I don’t know about you but I’m not much of a fan of cold weather. It’s a wonderful thing that where I live, it’s only cold for maybe 2 months. Still, we look forward to the time when we can sit outside and have coffee in the morning or watch stars later in the evening. Our space is cozy and comfortable no matter the time of day. We can put our feet up and listen to morning birds or evening tree frogs, or watch fireflies. Recharging requires comfort, don’t you agree? 
6. Wicker, Wood or Wire 
 What is your preference for the material in the construction of your outdoor furniture? It could be wicker, wood, wire or anything else. Like plastic or metal. Think of the weather situation where you live. We are in a beachy area so the sun is pretty intense. Most materials deteriorate so we have opted for baked enamel metal in white. That way we can change out the cushions as needed or desired. Our cushions last summer were beige, this summer we have variegated blue stripe. Yummy! 

7. Firepits and Heaters 
Sometimes there is a chill in the air or we just want a fire for atmosphere. Fire pits provide both with a choice of being either gas or wood fired. They come in round and rectangular shapes and can be portable or permanent. This is a neat campfire. Not the mess of a regular campfire. Of course, there is nothing wrong with having an old-fashioned campfire pit as long as you have hot dog and marshmallow forks. Heaters, on the other hand, are usually propane fired and just used to provide a little heat for a chilly night. It can extend the seasons you can enjoy your little slice of heaven. Think about how you will use your space and you will find the answer that suits your space perfectly. 

8. Privacy Levels 
Most of us like to relax or entertain with a higher level of privacy. How about you? Do you have a fence, or maybe curtains or dividers. How much privacy do you like? There is a solution for any answer. 

9. Accessories and Décor 
This is where your creativity shines. Do you like gnomes, frogs, whirligigs? Or other whimsical things? Creatures peeking out between your flowers and shrubs can give your space an element of fun! Do you have pathways that are created by cement or gravel, or maybe just a path through the woods? Nice! These items are the things that give personality to your space…choose lots of them and switch depending on season and mood. 

10. Seasons and Storage 
Once you have everything set up, enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy! At the end of your season, think about what you have to store and how/where you will put it. We use a patio storage container for our cushions. The plants go into the large greenhouse and we put the wind chimes in a plastic bin in the garage. All the fence decorations join the chimes and we wait for spring with baited breath. And do it all over again!!! I’m sure we didn’t solve all the problems or discuss all the issues. This can get us started and if I can help you to find something, please let me know. Our business is here for you!  

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